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I'd like to thank [info]spn_reversebang for the wonderful idea of turning the traditional bang around to give the artists the chance to be completely creative and make something they'd like to see a fic created for. The mods have worked incredibly hard to make everything run as smoothly as possible and I think they did a great job. It was a large task to co-ordinate the artists and prompts and posting dates and I give them a huge round of applause for all the hours of work they surely put in!

This is the first challenge that I've ever participated in and it was a blast. I was honored to get my first choice and have the chance to work with [info]amindaya ! She was very easy going and we had very similar ideas as to what the basis we wanted the story to be on, and she let me run with it. I hope I did her justice!

Thanks to [info]ebony_quill  for her beta and encouragement! <3

My lifesavers are the two women who got me through this. [info]bree_black  and [info]lookturtles  were amazing to me and they deserve all the respect I can muster. they were my cheerleaders, my support, the wall that I bounced ideas off, and my beta's. They saved my ass and I promise to do them justice in future challenges!

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Title: Seeing Spots
Author: [personal profile] gwendolyn_d 
Genre: slash, casefic
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~10,500
Disclaimer: Owned by Kripke and company.

A/N: I’m lucky to have gotten such a wonderful and inspiring prompt! Thanks [info]amindaya ! Thanks to my wonderful beta’s [info]ebony_quill , [info]bree_black and [info]dress_myself_up ! Mwuah!

Summary: When Dean wakes up without Sam tucked tightly into his arms, Dean isn't concerned until he discovers the window open and the line of salt completely demolished. Dean's search leads him back to the zoo that played a starring role in their last hunt and there’s something fishy about that giraffe.

Artist: [info]amindaya
Art: Always did love salads.


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